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NBC A Capella



Justin Runge

Justin Runge
Vocal Percussion

Birth Date:
May 11, 1984
Place of Birth:
Omaha, NE
Musical Influences: everything... that wasn't a cop out!
Favorite Artist(s): Rockapella, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, D'Angelo
Makes Me Happy: Performing, putting the finishing touches on a piece of
music, girls, having nothing to do, having something to do
Ticks Me Off: having too much to do, writer's block, girls, narrowmindedness
Favorite song(s): Two Step (Dave Matthews Band), Higher (D'Angelo)
Marital Status: Single (and always hopeful)
Favorite Movie: Rushmore, Fight Club, The Shining
Closet Fan of: N'Sync (I'll never deny it), Usher, Nelly
Words of Wisdom: "Life won't come to an end because you decide to take it easy."

Background Info: Justin has been performing since he was 10, and his
itinerary of singing, acting and dancing has never slowed down... unless he wants it to. At 12, Justin was in his first theatrical performance, and
since then has been involved in over 40 shows, whether acting, backstage, or directing. In the fall of 2002, Justin will begin working towards a degree in Theatre at
Nebraska Wesleyan University. Justin is always backed up by a supportive family and encouraging friends, many of whom he has the privelege of performing with. Justin enjoys being with the people he loves, writing, performing, learning to play the piano, movies, traveling, and anything that provides a positive experience. He is proud, pleased and humbled to be singing with such committed, fun and talented guys. 

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